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TM Residential Unifi

VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20 packages are high-speed broadband where you can now connect, communicate and collaborate with a richer and more enhanced experience. The services include video, internet and voice phone.

If you are applying UniFi from our official website, you may entitle for one month free subscription fee.

Latest promotion: You can buy unifi package with speed of 30mbps bundle with either Aneka hypptv pack or Varnam at only RM199 or  RM209 with Ruby pack or RM229 with Jumbo Pack. The 50mbps is also available for some areas (not for high rise building) with an additional add-on price of RM50 only. 

TM Unifi bunddes with 1.) Video 2.) Internet High Speed 3.) Internet Phone (Voice Service)


UniFi Promotion

You can sign up for UniFi now and SAVE up to RM200 on Installation Fee, it is still FREE installation fee for all UniFi packages (for limited time only). You also enjoy FREE equipment for limited time only.

The warranty for all equipments is 1 year.

UniFi Voice Phone

The residential UniFi package will provide you the unlimited usage for internet download and upload. More advantages such as free TM to TM lines unlimited calling and there are free basic hypptv (IPTV) channels for you to watch every month.

hypptv basic channels

TM Residential UniFi cheapest package at RM149 per month and provide Free basic Hypptv channels (for all VIP packages) Which also include free radio channels too.

Get the latest promotional pack, JUMBO pack

UniFi Features

Enjoy triple play advantages of TM VIP

Unifi and streamyx process flow

Safe and Secure UniFi and Streamyx Internet registration

TM UniFi/Streamyx Online Application

TM Unifi ApplicationYou may also email us at >




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From 1 April 2015

Please add 6% GST to all prices