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TM Unifi and Streamyx


UniFi and Streamyx - Free Registration and No Deposit.

is a fast speed internet provided by Telekom Malaysia where using technology 'fibre optic' to provide the high speed internet connection of up to 100mbps for both the data unlimited uploading and downloading.

You get one month free subscription fee if you are applying online from our official website.

Jumbo Pack

TM Promotion

I am using VIP10 package paying RM199 per month. Why not, you add RM10 only to enjoy special promotion for a better JUMBO Hypptv Pack (RM209 monthly)

Zero cost Entry

UniFi: No Deposit required.

For Streamyx 4Mbps and 8Mbps package with Jumbo pack, pay RM190 per month only.

Check out for the 

TM Residential UniFi Package


TM Streamyx Broadband

UniFi for Business


TM Residential Voice Call

TM UniFi & Streamyx HyppTV Pack

Safe and Secure Registration

I want to check my area for TM UniFi availability. .

All Equipments are free when you subscribe to TM UniFi and Streamyx for a limited period only.

Free equipments for all packages

The equipments are with 1 year warranty period.

TM UniFi/Streamyx Enquiry

TM Unifi ApplicationYou may also email us at >

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For more information, please contact us at wechat (0173261811) for product demonstration and details.